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By Dr. Glenn Harrison DC, BSc. 

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Immune Health: Learn how to unlock your last line of defense

In this video presentation, you will learn  key components which enhance your immune system as well as  compromise it. This is a huge topic, but by the end of this video you will have an excellent understanding of what you need to do to enhance your last line of defense.

Understanding the Brain-Gut Connection and the Gateway to Autoimmunity

In this video you will learn how the brain and digestive tract are closely connected. I will explain how if there are problems with one system there will be at least some form  of dysfunction in the other system. After watching this video, you will never look at brain health and/or digestive health the same again!

thyroid health and conditions

Why Do I Have Thyroid Symptoms? (When my lab tests are normal)

In this video workshop you will learn the number one cause of thyroid disorders and a poor functioning thyroid! I will also draw out the entire function of the thyroid in an easy to understand fashion and show you the crucial lab tests that few doctors order but are absolutely necessary to identify the underlying disorder(s). If you have been diagnosed or or think you have a thyroid problem this video workshop is a must! 

Adrenal Fatigue: The bridge connecting diabetes, insomnia and Alzheimer's Disease

During this presentation you will learn how AF (Adrenal Fatigue) is the bridge connecting Alzheimer's, Insomnia and Diabetes. If you are suffering from exhaustion (lasting over 3 months), memory problems (Brain fog, forgetfulness) and or blood sugar problems- this video may change your life!

Autoimmunity (When drugs are not enough)

In this video presentation you will learn the root cause(s) of autoimmune disease and why your immune system can become confused and turn against you. Autoimmune disease affects tens of millions of people and if you are suffering, learning this information is a must!

obesity in America

Stress, Hormones and Your Health

Fatigue, stubborn weight gain, hair loss, infertility, PCOS, low sex drive? If you are struggling with any of these symptoms, the topics discussed in this health workshop will be relevant to you. By the end of this presentation you will understand why hormones imbalances are a growing problem and what you can do to overcome these frustrating and life altering symptoms.

Toxicity: Is it the cause of your symptoms?

We are living in a word where there are toxins everywhere and they cannot be avoided. When your toxic burden accumulates to high enough levels, many significant health symptoms arise that seem to not be connected-but are. In this health workshop you will learn if you are a candidate for toxicity, what are common symptoms of toxicity and how you can rid your body from these toxins.

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