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A natural, science-based medicine that incorporates all aspects of your life. COVID-19 Update: We are currently open and accepting new clients during regular business hours via telemedicine

Reclaim Your Health! A natural, science-based medicine that incorporates all aspects of your life.

COVID-19 Update: We are currently open and accepting new clients during regular buisness hours via telemedicine


6 Pillars of Health
At the Center of Functional Medicine we recognize that your individual health is extremely complex and nothing less than a comprehensive approach will do. To identify the underlying causes of your health condition(s), the entire body is assessed through extensive laboratory testing and addressing the six fundamental pillars of health. With this approach, everyone (including you) can achieve a level of health that was once thought to be impossible.
Health is the vehicle required to pursue your dreams and passions, both for yourself and the people you love.
Now is the time to take control.
Dr. Harrison, DC, BSc
  • Advanced Laboratory Testing

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Stress Management Programs

  • Health Assessments

  • Natural Sustainable Weight Loss

  • Detoxification Programs


Attend a FREE Health Workshop

Educating yourself about your body, and understand what it needs, is the most effective way to improve your health and empower yourself. My one and only goal is simple: to make you healthier and feel better.

Schedule an Initial Consultation

Once you have attended one of our free health education workshops we will schedule a time for the initial consultation. This includes some paperwork and a deeper look into your heath condition as it is today.

Review your Report of Findings

During this appointment I will determine if you are a candidate for my care. I do not accept all patients; I only accept those who truly want to get better, and are willing to do “what it takes” to get to a better state of health.

We offer a comprehensive and complete list of services to get to the root cause of your current condition. Lab testing, a physical examination and a complete blood panel are just part of the process we go through to get the information we need to see the whole picture. See below for our complete list of services.

Functional/Nutritional Medicine

  • Blood Chemistry Analysis

  • Comprehensive Laboratory Testing and Diagnosis

    • Food Allergy
    • Food Sensitivity
    • Hormone
    • Neurotransmitter
    • Heavy Metals
    • Parasite
    • Lyme Disease

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Health Assessments

  • Natural Weight Loss

  • Stress Management

Customized Individual and Group Health and Wellness Programs

  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Health and Wellness Protocols

  • Education in Health and Wellness with Beginner, Moderate, and Advanced Levels.

  • Customized Stress Management Programs

  • Prescribed Nutritional Supplementation with Specific Dietary Implementation

  • Fitness programs and exercise routines

  • Corporate Health Seminars

“The Greatest Medicine Of All is Learning How Not to Need It.”

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