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Dr. Harrison, DC, BSc 

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Client Stories

“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. No matter what I tried to do, nothing worked. I have not felt this good in over 20 years. This program is a change of lifestyle. I am eating better and feeling better. The weight loss doesn’t hurt either. Now I feel more energized and wanting to do more things. Thank you, Dr. Harrison.”

Pamela Babinchak

“I cannot speak highly enough of what Dr. Harrison has done for Jackson and me. Dr. Harrison cares very deeply about all of his patients and is very passionate about his field of practice. In 4 years my son and I have had nothing but bad news and heartbreak and now we finally have hope and a sense of direction and I have my happy, energetic boy back.”

Ashley Klipp 

My life changed after my first appointment with Dr. Harrison. He listened to every word I said but more importantly, he believed me! He understood that I couldn’t identify my issue but he believed that my symptoms were real and that he could help me. He was able to immediately identify Hashimoto’s thyroiditis markers in my blood work and tailor a health plan to perfectly fit my needs and symptoms.

Abby W.

Thank You!!!
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